Karl Thwaites

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 140lbs.
Hair: Short/ Black
Eyes: Dark Brown


The Test Teenage Alcoholic- S.R JFK H.S. (Student Film)
Life Unscripted Drug Dealer- Lead Maisha Davis (Webisode)
It’s Complicated College Graduate Nancy Meyers- Dir.
Notorious Concert Member Fox/ George Tillman Jr.
American Gangster Teenager  Ridely Scott- Dir.
Around the Way Street kid- Lead  Ruby Flores- Dir.

Music Video:

Laura Pausini Boyfriend Lead  Gaetano Morbioli- Dir.
(La Musica en la Radio)    


CHAMPS Commercial Shoe Tosser (Rajon Rondo) CMC Forecast
NBA “Word Play” Basketball player   GLSEN and Ad Council
Facebook PSA “Anti Bully” Football player EPOCH Films
Varivax Commercial  College Student   
Nintendo Wii Commercial Jock   EASports
Census 2010 Commercial Son B.E.T.
One Life to Love HS Student ABC
You Never Know  Big Brother- S.R QPTV- Highlight Please
Red, White, and Blue Tears  Mayor- Lead  QPTV- Highlight Please


Platanos & Collard Greens Freeman  Dir. David Lamb
Othello  Othello  Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning
Metamorphosis King- Lead Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning
A Cry for Justice Monologue Skit  Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning
The Wiz Tin Man  Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning
RappTure Rapper- Lead Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning
Street Saga  Gang Member-Lead  Black Spectrum Theatre Company
Caged Bird Song Street Kid- Lead  Black Spectrum Theatre Company
The Wiz Scarecrow- S.R Black Spectrum Theatre Company
Mupharoah’s Daughter Prince- S.R  Black Spectrum Theatre Company
The Wizard of Oz  Flying Monkey Black Spectrum Theatre Company


Improvisation, Scene Study, Cold Reading, Film Study, and Monologues
(Carl Clay, Fulton Hodges, Iris Goode, Maisha Davis, Frank E. Robinson & Kenard Bunkley)

Special Skills:

Basketball, Football, Baseball, Rollerblading, Bike Riding, Hip Hop Dancing, Impersonations & Dialects